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We offer innovative and interactive workshops with the aim of giving students an opportunity to experience and explore their passion. Our coaches, who are distinguished professionals with years of experience in their respective fields, are able to pass on their expertise to prepare students to become industry front-runners, enabling them to pertain their learning in the realities of the marketplace.


Fashion Illustration

Description Learn how to draw a fashion croquis from head to toe, including coloring techniques and how to finish, polish and dress up your figure. Coach Monaya Fayoumi Born in Italy and raised in Lebanon, Lebanese designer Monaya Fayoumi’s passion…


Influencer Entrepreneurship by Lana El Sahely

Description Blogging isn’t just about posting edited pictures and complementing them with sharp captions. Successful blogging is about communicating from the heart and connecting with your audience with a strategy set in place. In ‘The Influencer Entrepreneurship’ workshop, Lana El…


Milan Fashion Tour

Description The Milan Fashion Tour is a guided journey through the different elements of the business of fashion, in the fashion capital of the world. This prestigious tour will allow participants to explore a real Italian tailors’ atelier, cruise the city like…


Fashion Retail

Description The Fashion Retail workshop provides a solid understanding of the Retail Business in the fashion world today. It will provide you with the knowledge needed for strategic retail planning to ensure growth and development in an increasingly competitive retail…


Visual Merchandising & Window Display

Description The Visual Merchandising and Window Display workshop will explore the fundamentals of arranging products in store to make the merchandise look visually impactful and attractive, whilst maximizing the sales potential. The first part of this workshop will demonstrate the…


Social Media Marketing

Description This 1 week Social Media Marketing workshop will allow you to explore the different social media strategies to grow your business online. This workshop is suitable for individuals who are looking to pursue a career in digital fashion marketing, business…


Makeup for Beginners

Description The beginners’ Makeup workshop will help you explore the makeup world and discover basic makeup techniques. This workshop will be divided into theory and practical learning where students will be applying what they learned on models. Suitable for individuals…


Fashion Styling

Description This workshop will set a solid understanding of Fashion Styling. You will learn the fundamentals of styling in one session, and will practice styling with a celebrity stylist in the other sessions. This workshop will set a path in…


Fashion Marketing

Description This intensive Fashion Marketing workshop will introduce you to the role of a fashion marketer and PR professional. It will cover all you need to know in terms of marketing, PR strategies and communication, with a focus on luxury….


Fashion Buying & Merchandising

Description This workshop will introduce you to the role of a fashion buyer and merchandiser in the competitive industry today. It will take you through the key responsibilities at the stake of this role and will guide you on the…