NEW YORK, United States — Stylist Karl Templer has responded to accusations contained in a major exposé on sexual misconduct, exploitation and abuse in the fashion industry by The Boston Globe’s investigative Spotlight team published on Friday.

More than 50 models spoke to the Globe about a wide range of sexual misconduct they experienced while at work, from unwanted touching to outright assault. Templer was accused by female models of inappropriate behavior, including “yanking their breasts, touching their crotches or aggressively pulling down their underwear without asking them during shoots.” The models spoke on the condition of anonymity for fear of retribution.

“If if I’ve ever inadvertently treated a model disrespectfully or without due care on a job, I’m truly sorry,” read Templer’s statement. “My work as a stylist includes adjusting clothes on a model. If I have ever made adjustments too quickly or brusquely, and my conduct was misunderstood, then I sincerely apologise. But I categorically deny ever acting with any wrongful intent.”…
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