The beginners’ Makeup workshop will help you explore the makeup world and discover basic makeup techniques. This workshop will be divided into theory and practical learning where students will be applying what they learned on models.
Suitable for individuals who are aspiring to become make-up artists, or simply individuals who have a passion for make-up but need expert advice on how to correctly apply it.


Marianne Bekdache

Marianne Bekdache holds a Masters in Fashion Marketing from one of the top fashion schools worldwide, London College of Fashion. Marianne started working in the fashion industry with leading brands such as GAP, Mango, Max Mara, Zara, Massimo Dutti, Nike and many other brands. In 2017, she moved to Dubai and chased a new dream to work in the beauty industry. She received a diploma in makeup and today Marianne works as an Education Manager in one of the world’s leading beauty companies.

Topics Covered

  • • Theory Learning
  • • Skin Types
  • • Primers and Skin Preparation
  • • Choosing the Right Products
  • • Color Correcting and Color Wheel Theory
  • • Face Contouring
  • • Introduction to Makeup Products
  • • Demonstration of Natural Makeup
  • • Demonstration of Makeup Look
  • • Demonstration of Open Banana Makeup
  • • Career Opportunities and Advice

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